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It all started with a "No!"

In 2015 José Costa Rodrigues was looking for a state-of-the-art iPhone. Like any youg adult, he asked his parents, but the obvious answer was: "No, it's too expensive."

This "no" was the ignition of the whole concept of Forall Phones! This motivated José to gather a team of you university students with the goal of changing the statuos quo, allowing anyone to have top-of-the-line smartphone without spending lots of money.

Today Forall Phones is the market leader on refurbished iPhones in Portugal.


How it works?
Our smartphones come either from store exposure or returns. They may also have origin on buyback programs. All devices undergo extremely strict technical inspection by our specialists to ensure that they are 100% functional at all levels.

Fast initiation guide

1) Turn on iPhone with the Sleep/Wake button.

2) Preview content and perform quick actions by pressing the Touch screen.

3) Use Touch ID/Face ID to unlock the iPhone.

4) Chose ring mode or silent mode with the Ring/Silent switch.

5) Adjust audio, ringer and alert levels with the Volume buttons.

6) Check out the Tips App or visit to get the most from your iPhone.

7) Charge iPhone and connect accessories with the Lightning/USB connector.

Activate your warranty

Just follow the steps on the following page:

The issue will be analyzed and we'll procceed with the necessary repair/replacement.

Beware! Equipment that has been damaged by improper use, neglect, dropping or spilling of liquids will not be replaced.

At Forall Phones, we will do everything to ensure your maximum satisfaction. We guarantee the highhest accuracy in compliance with current legislation. Our trust is built by having a longstanding commitment with our customers.