What is a refurbished mobile phone?

We are focused on the recommerce of electronic goods. We make it easier for consumers to find and buy professionally-refurbished smartphones at up to 40% off their original prices.

Our smartphones come from store exposure or returns. For example, a customer can send the phone back during their cooling off period. Returned items cannot be sold as new, so we offer these as refurbs. All equipment is subjected to extremely strict technical inspection by our specialists to ensure that they are 100% functional at all levels like battery, display button, network and wi-fi.

The increased environmental concern of electronic waste motivates us to keep fighting against the planned obsolescence of technology products each year. We’re also passionate and obsessed with our customer’s satisfaction! We make sure the whole experience is as stress free and enjoyable as possible and we have maximum quality, this is our way to raise the bar and put an end to the one-size-fits-all approach to retail.

Quality control

Technical Control
100% Operational
Clean and Disinfected
Factory Unlocked

Our Smartphone Preservation Class

A - Very Good Condition
Almost no signals of use
B - Good Condition
Some small signals of use
C - Reasonable Condition
Intense usage signals

Payment Methods

Credit Card

Pay directly with your credit card.

Pay when delivered

Pay on delivery, in your home, with a extra cost of 20€ for shipping costs. Make the payment of € 20 up to 24 hours after your online purchase.


Use the Paypal service to pay your order.

Click and Collect in Store

Select and buy your product online and pick them up in-store

Bank transfer

If you find any problem related to any of these payment methods you should transfer the value to our IBAN PT50 0035 0229 00019115030 38 and then send proof to hello@forallphones.com

Returns and Warranty

1-year warranty in every product

Every product is backed by a 365 day warranty. If you have any problem during this period you can activate the warranty by sending us an email to hello@forallphones.com, with the subject: "warranty", with the problem description and invoice. The identified problem will be promptly solved and it will be taken the necessary measures to repair or substitute the smartphone with no costs for you.


Smartphones which are damaged due to client's improper use, negligence and water damage will not be substituted.


Should the item not meet your expectations, the first step is to contact us to resolve your concerns. You have 14 days to change your smartphone or ask for a reimbursement. Shipping costs are on the customer-side. The equipment must be in the same conditions of when it was delivered to the client with the bill. At Forall Phones, everything will be done for our clients to feel completely satisfied. We guarantee the maximum rigor in compliance with the legislation.