Portuguese Startup has already saved 700k euros to its customers

January 9, 2018

Search for smartphones has pushed the growth of this market in Portugal

90% of semi-new smartphone consumers are very satisfied with the purchase

The company Forall Phones has made sense to the growing demand for semi-new smartphones. The premium technology accessible to all and friendly to the environment has allowed the Portuguese to save many euros. The growth of this new market in Portugal has had an impact on the consumption of smartphones and has been constituted as a more accessible alternative to the acquisition of premium technology. The price-quality ratio is the factor that matters most to 87% of consumers of this type of smartphones.

The market for smartphones in Portugal

In Portugal, there has been an increase in the demand for premium smartphones at affordable prices, which has justified the increase of the offer of alternatives to the big companies of sale of smartphones, like Apple or Samsung.

The possibility of buying a smartphone at prices 40% lower than those practiced in the market has led several Portuguese consumers to opt for the purchase of semi-new smartphones

An independent and anonymous study by Forall Phones on behavior related to the use of smartphones was applied to a random sample composed of 380 Forall Phones customers and followers. The leader in the market for smartphones in Portugal, 87% of consumers chose to buy a semi-new smartphone because of its price-quality ratio. 90% of customers claimed to be very satisfied with their purchase and 81% intend to re-purchase a semi-new phone smartphone.

These data allow us to trace a growing trend of the demand for semi-new smartphones in Portugal, as a more accessible and more sustainable alternative to the semi-new ones, and, of course, a trend of development of this new market in our country.

Semi-new Smartphones

The term "semi-new", when associated with smartphones, is often mistaken for the idea of "used", "second hand" or even "refurbished".

While used / second-hand mobile phones have already been used by some consumer and the reconditioned ones have already suffered some damage or reconditioning with other parts, the semi-new smartphones are those that have been removed from their original box and put on display in some store, for example , presenting low signs of use. Another distinguishing factor is that, before they are offered for sale, they undergo a rigorous process of evaluation of conditions by a specialized company, allowing them to assess their condition and guarantee the highest quality for the final consumer.

Generally speaking, a semi-new smartphone has the same features as a new one, except it has already been removed from the box and exposed.

In terms of costs, a semi-new can be purchased at a price 40% cheaper than a new one.

Forall Phones - market leader

In Portugal, the market leader is Forall Phones. Forall Phones is a startup that markets semi-new smartphones and is also dedicated to electronic repairs.

It was founded in 2015 by José Costa Rodrigues, a young man with 22 years, who this year sold more than 1500 smartphones exclusively through his website.

With the increase in demand, in October 2017, Forall Phones opened doors to its first physical store, in Lisbon (Campo Grande).

Currently, this company has more than 10 employees whose average age is around 23 years. 40% of these are university students, making this one of the youngest companies in the country.

With only two years of activity, this company has already earned 1 million euros in annualized sales.

Environmental Sustainability

It is estimated that Forall Phones has already saved more than 700 thousand euros to its customers. Thus, the mission of this startup goes beyond making premium technology accessible to everyone, but also environmental responsibility and consumer awareness for the environmental issue.

International studies indicate that although most smartphones have a lifespan of about 7 years, most people do not use them for more than 18 months. More than saving money, opting for semi-new smartphones also lets you fight against technological waste. By delivering second-life, state-of-the-art equipment and lowering pollution levels, Forall Phones contributes to a more sustainable development of the environment.